We live in the world which is based on assumptions..
We live in a world full of lively collections!
We live in something in which assumptions play big roles
And they only,allow us to achieve our goals!
In a world assumed by many,
We are lucky to live in harmony!
In a world perceived by all,
We should realise that we all are small.
All of us have evolved from the ages
And live on wages.
We have our livings to sky
And thoughts to fly.
Humans have evolved the most
But have animals to eat and roast.
It is us who have claimed ourselves evolved,
And the Earth around us revolved.
But still think of the rivery time
That has made us a slime of crime.
All of us want to show the best, but dont care about the rest.
Like us, other lives also have feelings
Let us now work hard to make them earn their livings!


The gold piece

It was, a long time back,

When a piece of gold was lying as a piece,

Resting in peace.

A queen then came on a round,

Found it around

Took it out..

Gave it to the merchant for a beautiful piece to make

All it thought was all fake.

But, when it came to reality,

It all became a merchant’s cruelty.

It was, it was, exposed to heat everyday.

“Dont burn me”, he shouted everyday.

Brutually it was hit everyday

“I have lost my life”, was all left to say.

Days passed, This became a daily way.

The only choice, he was left now,

Was to wow

To love his enemy, the heat

And as he thought, he was to defeat,

The knife came and took away some part of it.

Cut it bit by bit.

All he thought was, the queen as the cause.

Tears were now everyday cried.

Escaping, everyday he tried.

No solution was found yet

But rather his desires to forget.

And then, one day, Diamonds were fit,

Pearls were inserted,

Not to make it feel deserted.

Then, the lady, who picked it up, took it to her head

Wore it, and his tears got fled.

Shines became natural,

For him, brutual changed to colourful.

Life could be so fun and exciting for him he thought never

And promised to think positive forever.

That’s how, the gold became a crown,

By a little frown,

Over himself,

A drastic change came to meet

Which he will take it as negativity’s defeat!!

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The Broken She

How broken she was, when her babies came

She was like a fruit in the tree,
She wished to be free.
She wanted to live and enjoy,
But ended being everyone’s toy.

Time passed by, she was ready with her kids,
To face the Earth
And prove them their worth.

More time came,
And finally the day came, she got the fame
Not for being free and alive
But rather fight her pain and strive.

Everyone was waiting for her and her kids to meet
To give them a treat
Later it came a feat.

She was broken, her kids were eaten
For as they were meant to be,
After all, they were the groundnuts called to be..


A walk into my future

Getting bored from my present,
I decided to walk on the future
I decided to see what all it could be!
What all is left to see…
Holding my breath, I went,.
Feeling a zeal, I saw what it all meant.
It was a shady way full of trees’ shadow!
It was a glazy way, full of leaves’ vallow.
All what was there was a roadtrip with my bag,
Far and far, I went
With shady trees and glazy leaves.
With plain roads and nothing to seize.
And there, came a turning point,
A flying point.

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Two ways came across,
One with trees,
Other with mysteries.
I wanted to travel both,
I will do it, I quoth
I chose the way, full of riddles and mysteries.
Full of questions and histories
A lot got answered,
A less, I enjoyed..
Until a tree there I employed.
Sturdy, strong it was
Telling me to pause.
So I did.
Waiting for more.
As I got, I left ashore…
More trees I planted, more way I craved,
I pray, if ever I stopped there and played.
But the way had come to an end.
Now, I had to go far, longer way to meet another day
And see its hay.
And so I did.
As I woke up from the candid.
I opened my eyes,
To welcome the new day..
And make my own mysterious way……..

Women – A Mystery

What does it mean to be a women?
Mysteries are many,
Solutions are rare.
Anyone please dare
What are women meant to be?
Mother, Wife and daughter?
Burden or a ton of laughter?
They are meant to be bold
They are meant to be strong.

Don’t you dare prove them wrong.
All she sacrifices for you to prospect
And in return, they get only disrespect?
Why is it so?
Pain she feels a lot!
Have you ever heard her say not?
She teaches you life,
And in return, you will do strife?
Treat all with respect and care.
Try it, to make the rare
Usual thing to see,
So that women can find what they are meant to be!

What is done is done..

What is done.. Is done

Feel as if it had been, a Long run.

You may have lost,  you may have won

But the time is just gone,  in a run

Now, what is done is done.

Keep your eyes into the future..

Keep your feet on the ground,  eyes on the moon

Just be hopeful,  good things will happen soon

Just dont lose hope or cry

Just be strong again to try.

You are the leader and the guide,

But, for playing both, you both have to lose the fright.

A letter to the sunrise from sunset

Dear sunrise,

It will be golden again,

Mountains will find u again as a gain…

They’ll forget all the pain..

But just rise again, rise again.

Everyday its golden, shining like heaven,

Don’t think it ever to be a burden..

You shine, you burn, everyday, you are again born

Just don’t be stubborn..

Just be born, be born.

You are at the apex,

You are the source of the reflect..

You only make the day.

Please don’t go.. Please stay, Please stay.

Don’t ever change the way.. Just be on the top all the way…

Just allow others to make a hay..

Only with you..

That’s why I stop you.

Stay forever,  make the sky yellow

Let the other fellow

Dance under your yellow

Shine.. Stay and rest..

Just do your best.

I dont want to get immersed into the ocean, neither in the sea ever..

The cold stream and glimpse of it,  makes me feel to go there never..

Please stay there forever…

I feel cold, I feel insane,  really

That’s why, I advise you to stay there always as rally

And make sure that it shouldn’t be a bully.