They left…leaving tears in their family

With a lot of expectations they were bounded

Except their family, no one cared that were the most wounded

Leaving tears in everyone’s eyes

They played wise.
Yes ! They are the soldiers of Indian Army

Who don’t care about the weather, be it sunny or stormy

All they care is security of nation,

For which they can live on starvation.
Their country is their love,

For them, terrorists are equal to hatred

They know, all they have to do is all for their country that is sacred.

Keeping our nation protected is their duty

And respecting them will lead to our beauty.
The soldiers do a lot for a country… for the people of their country, they even give their lives so that we, the people can have a peaceful night. Their effort to the society is always respected. So to this love and care for respect of the soldiers of is a poem. Hope u all like it..leave ur comments in tbe box. Thank u


20 thoughts on “They left…leaving tears in their family

  1. Proud for u to give a try to salute and respect the soldiers who die so that we can live happily…. They leave the world by giving tears to their family…… Awesome choice of topic…


  2. Great choice of topics Anshi
    Every poem is so well written and its really good to see your posts coming in every month or so. I would love to see more in the future, maybe you could try writing a story or an article sometime or even increase the length of your poems would give us readers more to read. Well done anshi :* ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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