Light in the darkness…….

Once on a late winter night,

Someone was walking with plight

In the search of hope

For which he and nature have to cope.

Walking miles and miles

Thinking of what is right,

Someone walked throughout the night.
Thinking of life not a bed of roses,

Someone cried in all poses.

No one was there to help

Yet he did not stop to yelp.
Then walking further,

He saw a torchbearer

His eyes filled with joy

But he couldn’t recognize

That he was his boy.
Man touched the feet and thanked god for the way

“Thank you” was only left with him to say

The torchbearer held the man to stand

And took his hand

“Bless me father” he said

Hearing at this, he was the first one to break the silence that was dead.
This is a poem about a ray of hope. Its about a transition from the jail of darkness to the lap of the sunshine with this poem, I wanted to demonstrate that nothing in our life stays permanent; not even our plight. So, we should always keep a ray of hope of happiness and live our life. Hope u like it. Leave your comments in the box. Thank u.


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