Best Christmas Gift

One christmas eve, Someone

decorated the house with lights

made rooms fill out of gifts.

he expected Santa to come to his home

and fulfill the prayers he ignites.



with full expectations in the night, he slept, keeping a sock under his pillow.

all the boy dreamt throughout his sleep

was fulfillment of his wishes

which he despirately wanted to come true.


Then the next morning, when

he opened his eyes

he heard the bell ring

expecting the gifts Santa has to Β bring.

he opened the door and saw his parents as a surprize.


Now, we all can imagine the happiness on his face, that never happened.

He remembered what the last night he had imagined.

His parents were on the door, whom he welcomed with a great smile

which really made his Christmas worthwhile.


This story is about Christmas and a boys expectations from Santa. This story not only tells us about the enthusiasm for Christmas but also the importance of the parents.Especially for the ones who live away from the parents.Hope u like this poem. Leave your comments in the box. Thank u



8 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift

  1. I will like to steal ur talent if u give it to me..😜.. just kidding.
    By the way … Kya khake likhti h in poems ko anshi…..πŸ˜“


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