The Loneliest Roots……..

It’s life is now dyeing to die,

which was once eager to live….

There used to be  a seed, who very well knew how to give.

Once, it used to be the one who never allowed anyone to cry,

but now it seems completely dry.


It once used to give fruits,joy and happiness.

I think now, all all the time it continues to cry.

It has now entered into a zone of sadness….

No one comes to see it,

No one comes to live under its shade.

The tree which once proved itself great.

for days and days long……

I thought why the tree, that used to be so strong,

is now proved to be the loneliest, weak and slow

and, that because of the ego it was desperate to show….

so, friends open your hearts and let everyone come in,

No matter the past may it be.

To make the world peaceful to live,

we have to replace I with we.


This is a story about the seed that grew up to be a tree. When the tree was fully grown, it produced fruits and let children come and play with it. But with the time,it became proud of itself as well as old. Its will power decreased due to which it didn’t produce fruits. But the ego of the tree increased with time which lead it into a zone of sadness. It also lead it into the loneliness as its pride didn’t allow anyone to be friends. So friends, we should not develop ego in ourselves in order not to be lonely. hope you like this poem. leave your comments in the box. Thank u.


11 thoughts on “The Loneliest Roots……..

  1. Thanks anshi for such deep rooted poems. The branches of your poems have spread in our minds.😊😊


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