When camera was forced to leave the old reel…

In the olden times, this story happened 

Where the use of camera and reel had just begun,

And the memories lasted forever…For the first time the technology was stated to be won.

The technology was fastened and had made people gladdened.

Then once, someone took the beautiful photographs of the nature.

All the photographs that were in the camera were of natural behavior.

Throughout the day he clicked the photos

And generated various curios.

Then came the day, when the reel of the camera had filled up…

With tears in his eyes, he removed the reel.

A voice came unexpectedly from the camera that was placed near the cup.

“Don’t remove my soul from my body…I love my soul..”

Hearing at this, the master filled up the camera with the new roll.

And it lived his life again with different memories 

In which some of them were great Treasuries…

This is a story about the life on the earth. When one dies, for sure the other comes and adds a great experience to the soul. Change is the rule of life…As in my earlier posts as well I mentioned the importance of the change in life. Hope u like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u


12 thoughts on “When camera was forced to leave the old reel…

  1. Thanks anshi for such poems that tell us the importance…. Hope everyone sees it from a different view😊


  2. Anshi we specially I am blessed to have u as a friend. I m sure that this talent of yours will go to the top.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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