The angel and the butterfly

A long time back

A caterpillar and his soul had a talk

 inside the shell that was all black

He cried, he wept for the black world that only he has to stalk.

“Life is unfair” he said.

Only I have to suffer in this black world and declare myself dead.

Hearing at this, a fairy approached him

Inside his house which was enlightened very dim.
The fairy wiped his tears and said,” dear, for what you are crying just now, you will be thankful for it tomrrow. I am from heaven and god has sent me to wipe your tears.”

Then, being hopeful in his life he faced every fear.

And then, one day

I would say,

The best day of his life it would be 

When he got the outer world to see.

No one knew, he was once who cried inside the shell for being declared dead.
“Life is beautiful, after all I am a butterfly who is ready to explore.

He was happy now he won’t have to cry anymore.
The fairy’s words were truly a great light for the little life.

After all it was the effort of his continuous strife with his life.

This is a story on perspective. In this story, the talk between a caterpillar and a fairy was discussed where fairy played an important role in his life. From this story, we get the moral that in order to stay happy, we should change our perspective accordingly and not always cry for our conditions. The best is yet to come. Hope u like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u


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