The True Companion

Once upon a tale..

Two men were riding a boat

And suddenly a mishappening occurred which turned them pale.

Voices were rising from their throat..


With this, they also started to yelp.

Then the 2 men thought of a solution 

Which could turn this into an occasion.

They decided to pray to god..

They decided to let their life get better

One prayed for and set him free from this situation and go abroad.

While other thought that all his wishes come true..

And set him free from the monster that is blue.
And of course, he would 

That’s what he should.

As he was the only supporter in his life 

With whom he used to play and did a lot of strife.

After all he was his best friend.

Then at the end,

Both of them saved each others lives.

And promised each other to save them their plights.

This poem is a tale of 2 bestfriends who stood for each  other as a support always. With this story, I would like to tell that friends are a necessity of life and to do so, we should not be selfish. Hope u like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u 


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