Strange Nature

How strange the world is,
Some have friends to cheer
While others die finding the right peer
Some unite day and night in the farms to live on own alms
While some even need medicine to stay calm.

Some walk miles to digest what they eat
While some go miles to find a source to daily bread..

How weird is the life,
Some are happy and contented with their wife,
While some spend it on strife that who is right.

Some have never ending rivers to enjoy,
While some even consider others feelings a toy.

This is a deep thought on the different mindsets of the people. Some even stay happy being in a room while others cry owning a bungalow. So from this poem, I wanted to say that in order to stay happy, we must work hard and stay contented with what we have and where we are. Hope you like this poem. Leave behind ur comments. Thank u


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