Her make up kit…..

One day, she was walking on the road,

And all other girls began to say,”you be the ugliest”

Hearing at this,her eyes began to be the saddest and her company being the loneliest.

Then, hiding her pain..a broad smile she showed and didn’t tell about the incident that took place on the road.

She went her home, with teary eyes and a sad face

From that face, her depression could be easily traced.

Then, she sat in front of mirror and  applied the cosmetics which could make her face beautiful and pretty

But to her pity…..

Her face was as it is and her inner beauty was not at all seen

Then she decided to make her life beautiful.. So she used the following things to make her life beautiful and clean.

And, when she used these cosmetics..

Her beauty of life increased by as athletics.

Since then…she is forever happy and contented

And is proud of her life that she has painted.

This is a poem of a girl who was teased by other girls for being not so beautiful as them. One day she got frustrated and began to cry on their comments. Then, she decided to decorate her life with all positivity that she could. So readers,I would like to say that ur face may not be beautiful but you have always got a chance to make ur life beautiful. Hope u like this poem. Leave behind ur comments. Thank u.


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