Flowing, flowing off the river,

A beautiful paperboat goes

Hitting up the stones it meets

It goes down the streets,

And sits over the tree of sweet mangoes,

Where it can shower 

All what it did.
Then once again a flowing boat, below a rainbow band

Came in a child’s hand.

He took this to his house

Showed it to his mouse,

He was happy,  dancing with the paperboat

Then he goes out wearing his raincoat.

He then again plays with it

Making some raindrops sit.
Again the raindrops meet water

This time it knows where to scatter

Its life was full of experiences 

With some fruitful essences.
And then unfortunately its life came to an end

When it flew with water bend.

It was scattered into small bits

And then got buried in small pits

This is a story of a paperboat and its life. The various places it goes through, the experiences it gains and how its life came to an end. With this poem, I would like to demonstrate that you only live once, live it wisely. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.


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