The tree that prevailed a hope 

This is story of a boy,

Who loses his mother at a young age

And keeps his hopes in an opaque cage.

Soon, as he grew up, he gave up on his joy.

As a result of which, his feelings became everyone’s toy.
Then, he sat under the tree,

With which, he used to play when free.

His mother took great care of it

 Under its shade, she used to sit,

When she felt very low

Or when she thought her life is slow.
This tree then prevailed a hope of joy in the boy’s life

Who was fighting with all his plights.

Soon he won the battle and conquered the happiness in his life.

He decided not to move back to see all his strives.
Soon his life became as beautiful as moon,

For, which he gave himself a boon.

This is a story on role of tree in the life of a boy and his mother. Soon, the mother leaves the joy in very undesirable situations for which he had to fight to make his life better. With this story, I would like to demonstrate that everything in life has equal importance. So we should not underestimate anything in our life. If we do so, then we must remember that the time belongs to no one. The one who is ignored, may become your strength tomorrow. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u.


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