The battle of two wolves

In a forest, surrounded by shady trees,

There came a time, when everything got freeze.

This is the time, when  2 wolves fight vigorously,

That even, they turn each other deadly.

No one comes to know about when this incident took place,

Unless and until any animal comes to trace .

After tracing, the conclusion came out to be,

For which, aware you all must be.

The one which was fed, won the fight,

And claimed himself right.


The two wolves are fighting inside us,

Once urges you to be angry, sad and jealous.

Which may cause you to be heinous.

On the other side, there is one wolf, who urges you to be kind,cheerful, happy and hopeful.

By feeding this, you can make your life colourful.

At the last,

Move on! Don’t remember the past,

But do remember,

The wolf which you feed right

Conquers you and wins the fight.

This is a story on two wolves fighting inside us, in which one urges you to be sad and lonely, which the other urges you to be happy. The choice is  yours, whatever wolf you feed, conquers you. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u.


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