Dogs: Best Helpers

This is a tribute to all dogs!

Dear dogs,

Chubby face and charming eyes you all may not have,

Beautiful hearts you always have.

When master owns you

You sometimes become the reason for the smile

And, at times, you may feel bad when he goes at a mile.

You help the humans in every possible way,

Though, you don’t care, what they say.

All the time you are ready for help,

Just out when you hear your master’s help!

You love humans more than they love them

Even at times you may become, for them like a plant stem.

Great strength you all give,

Sometimes, even hope to live.

You may strive everything to help your loved ones out,

You may motivate them to give a shoutout.

So, if you all have a dog as a hope in life,

Do make sure you don’t strife,

Because they will never understand why you left them.

Their life will become very solitary if you go,

Just think, about them, to whom will the love they show?

This is a poem dedicated to humans’ best helpers: dogs. I got this idea because recently one one of the dogs saved his master’s life, who was trapped in the chill of ice. The dog just ran away to save his master. So, if you have a pet, like dog, who is always there for your help, do make sure to care of your pet, because they love you more than you love yourself. Hope you like this short poem on pets like dog. Leave your comments in the box. Thank you.


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