The buried dreams..

With a lot of dreams and aspirations she came, into this world,

With charming eyes,cute face and charitable hands

She enlightened everyone’s lives like fairies with wands.

Soon , as she grew,

She realised her days on this earth are few,

Her life got twirl’d.

She could not understand to wait on bed or persue her desire.

Then, the doctor was called.

He advised to her to get bald.

With her dreams now, she lost her hair,

Now she had only few hours to spare.

As soon as god approached her,

She decided to compromise and not fear,

Then, she closed her eyes forever and buried her dreams.

In the coffin in which she was kept,

No one knew that eyes with dreams are now forever slept.

The girl fought for her dreams till the end of her life.

Her soul now maintains a vigorous strife with the world,

Which scooped every dream of her, and made her life twirl’d.

Then, in her next life, she again became someone’s child,

Which took away all the plight,

And filled the lives with light.

But, the soul was again plotting to take revenge from the world.

Again as she grew up, she had dream in her eyes to be a doctor, who would cure all.

Soon, the moment came,

Where the patient would give her a call,

And she would cure in a time period, being very small.

Finally, the soul took the revenge from the world,

And proved,

That time has never belonged to anyone,

It may be someone,

Who will cry today,

But for sure will laugh tomorrow.

This is a story of a soul which had many dreams to persue. But, at its first attempt, the soul failed, due to the cancer. But it challenged time to be successful. Soon, this motivation of challenges made it successful one day. With this story, I would like to demonstrate that the time belongs to no one. The one who cries today, may laugh tomorrow. Hope you like this poem. Leave your comments in the box. Thank u


4 thoughts on “The buried dreams..

  1. sweet piece. but i still insist you should write books instead. try reading a novel like The Caucasian Chalk Circle. The fact that you are a poet who can integrate your poem into a flowing story is very thrilling.

    Liked by 1 person

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