Only after night,there comes a day

This is a story which will keep u amazed. So keep reading further!

This is a story of sun and moon.

One day, in a cloudy noon,

Sun and moon had a talk to unite 

And to make the world free of night.

Both of them agreed to unite and spread light,

But as soon as they approached universe,

They saw, all the planets are running behind each other,

Maybe in too much bother.

They then daringly asked god,

“Can we unite and spread light” 

Hearing at this, god said no.

Both of them became upset about their light to show.

Then, the friendship of sun came to life,

Though hearing at this, both of them had a strife.

Sun said,”I will die everyday for you to breathe, 

but unfortunately we cannot again meet”

Hearing at this, the moon cried in tears, and of course it would.

After all the best friends cannot be together now.

But the moon took the wow,

To respect the sun anyhow.

And, then with disappointment, the moon had to agree to see its friend dyeing for it everyday.

Its the best relationship that can be seen everyday in life.

So, in life,

If, with your best friends, you ever strife,

Do remember the sun and moon ,

And that conversation in the noon.

This is a conversation between the sun and moon. In this poem, the sun pledges to maintain his role of friendships everyday with the moon. With this poem, I would like to demonstrate that if you admit to be feiends, then don’t forget your role. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u


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