The Cactus and The Rose

On a bright sunny day,

Rose and Cactus were sitting in a garden.

Waiting for someone to buy them.
Then, cactus began to say

“Rose, why everyone loves you the most

And can afford to buy at any cost?”

Rose replied, “because my beauty pleases people fast

And hence, they expect that I shall, with them make a long past”

This amazed the cactus and put it into deep  thought 

“How come people know that it is going to make a long past?”

Long days, with the question, it fought,

And the answer it got,

Will put you all again in deep thought. 

He got the answer that will make your minds fly.

The answer he got was,

The life is like that of rose, a beautiful lie

And death is like that of cactus, a bitter truth.”

This really shocked him.

But he was happy for being real.

All now he had to struggle was being alone. 

Which also he overcame,

And, by doing this, he gathered a lot of fame.

This is a story of cactus and rose. With this story, I would like to demonstrate that whatever we do in life, if we want to keep it alive, we must have the courage to loose it first because nothing lasts forever. One day every fame, has to disappear from the world. So stay humble. That’s the reason why life is a lie and death is truth. Hope you all like this short piece of writing. Leave ur comments in the box. Do follow my Instagram page @deep_down_the_thoughts for more. Thank u 


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