As the charcoal went under pressure

Its a story about hardwork,pressure and strife.

There used to a charcoal which went under pressure

All the time it fought,

Thinking everyday that he had been made rot.

All the time it used to work hard 

As he could play anymore in a big yard.

All he was doing was inside four walls.

To get out of them,

He had to take determination as his stem.

Soon as he became friends with 

Indelibrately, he didn’t how his was stitched.

Soon as his project got finished,

The black charcoal got transformed

Into a thing, no one ever thought,

Though everyone considers, he had fought a lot.

Last but not the least, he became a diamond.

With a lot of efforts and toil

And once he became, his feet never came back on soil.

This is a story of charcoal who was first trapped and was put under pressure. Then his efforts came into force which helped him make a diamond. So from this poem, I would like to demonstrate that in order to get a bright future, one must work hard and not feel sad if they loose, may be next time a better opportunity is waiting for them. This poem has been inspired by the Indian movie on two wrestlers Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat named Dangal. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u


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