Experience makes experience

Down in my city,

There lived a lady on whom everyone had pity.

She always used to cry.
All she loved was her children and grandchildren

For whom she was a burden,

For as, she used to guide always

And children tried to ignore in every way.
Soon as her children grew big,

Grandmother slept in the backyard.
And when the children became grandparents,

They used to do what the old lady did

This time, being ignored, they were considered stupid.
This really hurt them and this,

Made them realise how their granny felt when they were  in childhood age.


Tears rolled from their eyes

And therefore, being wise

They felt sorry, and told this to their future to protect the same.
That’s how their experience came to force,

Which served as nurse

For all future generations..

And hence made their experience.

This is a short story based on experiences. Our past experiences always make our future better. From this poem, I would like to convey the message that we should always hear what our elders say, in order to improve ourselves. Hope you like this poem, leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.


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