Thinking the positive

Even when the perennial rivers go off,

They know they are going to give  new journey a start off.

Even when, the sun sets, 

It leaves a hope…

And a scope 

For all the contentment to return

And make hardwork your enturn.
Even when, the water falls,

It sets the beauty stalls.

And the peace it calls,

Can never be false.
Even when, the world moves round the sun

Everyone is able to cope up with life and run.
Even when we finish our day at the end,

Its our hope that is tomorrow’s blend.

So, why not in life?

If in live we loose,

We must hope the best

And forget the rest.

Everyday is nothing,

But your own self’s test.
So, think positive and have faith in yourself

And let everyone be a reflection of thyself.
Its a short poem on positive thinking, based on the examples of nature. This poem is a summed up collection of my other two poems strange nature and look up at the night and wonder. With this poem, I would like to say that the more positivity in the mind, the better the person be. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u.


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