What we perceive is not always real

Here is a story of seed, 

Who had very good deed. 

He was budding inside the fruit of plant.

And worked hard to get what  he want. 
One day,  his wish came true, 

He realised his hardwork’s value. 

Soon he experienced  the air 

First time,  his hardwork was felt to be dealt completely  fair. 
His golden time lasted only till

His destiny cared for his will. 
Then he got the man, 

Who bought it to feed himself, as the time ran. 

Soon he was thrown on a land full of soil. 
Tears came out, as no result  came out of his toil.

This is what that was making his time worst to spoil. 
Then, there came a  turning point in his worst time, 

Which made his journey worthwhile. 
Then, after the best replenishment, water and air, 

Soon this seed grew into best it’s best deeds again. 

It became a tree,  a home to many  

With which he would earn hope as his penny. 

And afterall,  the seed realised that

Whatever we see is not always that

We get.

It may not be that what our life has planned to see

May be, 

Something  beautiful is waiting for our presence to feel

Our undiscovered  zeal. 

It’s a poem on a seed which was thrown on a land full of soil.  The seed then grew well and changed his perception about anything that makes us feel unprogressing or sad  in life.  Similarly  in our life, if we all change our perspective  about low points in life and keep hope to succeed  in life. That’s what the rule of life is. Hope you all like this poem.  Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you. 


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