The Mysterious   tree

Late it has been for the tree now, 

The tree has become old

And prefers to give and bow. 
It’s unique tendency to stand bold 

in the cold weather 

Has made it everyone to bother. 

I always wonder.. 

Whether it’s nature’s ponder

Or it’s own shower?
With a few leaves which go along with the flow it stays, 

And follow my experience it always says. 
I still wonder.. 

Whether it’s a tree or a monument of nature?

Which is ready to be the point of any creature?
Throughout the year, trees surround it

It may consider it’s help a little bit. 

But in actual, it may be helping them out to stay bold and fit. 
I still wonder.. 

Why the tree didn’t chose to stand high and seek the rain, as other trees would. 

Maybe it thought to do something different from others.

And that’s  what the  tree has made the difference.

It’s a short poem on a tree which I saw in a tropical rainforest. The uniqueness of the tree to bend like a question mark has made me write this poem. Hope you all like this poem. Leave your comments in the box. Thank you. 


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