…And that’s how nature realised how important women are

In a unique world of an artist,

Where his eyes used to be the camera

And the nature used to be the complete melodrama.

All his drawings made him an optimist.
One day,  while walking his eyes fell

For,  him,  she saw something as beautiful as hell.  

No sooner or later, 

He fell in love with her.

He saw the nature depicting a girl of her dreams.. 

For first time, everyone heard his happy screams. 

Later or sooner, he realised 

That for what one longs for,

Sooner gets paid for. 

And as his love of life got painted by him in his beautiful colours 

His life got beautiful. 

And that’s  how the passion of a painter

Lived with him for ages and ages

For which he got a huge appreciation as wages. 

He regretted he could not see or hear his love 

But only feel as peaceful as dove. 

He was grateful, happy and contented for his camera eyes

Which trapped him and made him a man who is very wise.

Once, his world was known to everyone in the world,

He died. 

And when his story came in the stage, 

Everyone was amazed to know about the painting and the wage..

And there..everyone realised how important a woman is, 

Just to enjoy a bliss

Called life. 

Indeed its a woman who creates you

Reminds us of importance of being true. 

Respect her as much as you can.

If nature also depicts it, 

Then, it’s our duty to help it. 

Treat every girl as your sister and every lady as mother. 

And that’s how the world will learn to stay together. 
This is a story of an artist’s love. His love only made his works famous everywhere. With this poem, I would like to demonstrate that behind every successful man, there is a lady who loved her. So, it’s our moral duty to respect her. Hope you all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you. 


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