The Diary of an Aeroplane 

I am loaded with the ample of luggage everyday, 

I have to hold them,

As I don’t have any say. 
People sit on my seats and fly

From miles to miles

Some fly,  because they have to find the answer of why? 

While others travel to spread smiles. 
One day,  in my life, when I was fighting against the air to fly, 

I don’t know how may passengers’ relatives I made cry. 

I met with an accident and got many wound, 

But the mystery was such that I and my parts could be nowhere found. 
It was the day,  when the bounds with the world I left, 

I feel sad, how many passengers were blooded in this theft. 
After I died,  

Different theories came out. 

Some even were such,  I was thrown out of earth’s surface 

While other came out to a hijack, in which many passengers cried. 
Researches kept going on for months and months,

But result came out, 

Then with a sad shout

All the relatives were given monetary 

For those whose souls are now with Calvary. 
I still regret that day of my life, 

Where the million people who were living their lives happily 

Had to sadly

Surrender it. 

For no reason.
And that’s what the value of sacrifice came to my heaven’s way

Where the innocents waited for the flight to go,

No one wanted it to delay

And that, you know has made all the difference.
Many people just lost their life, 

May be some came to me, after the stife

Or the pledge never to go home again

And that’s  what called the bane. 
P. S.  I request all the readers to sit in two minutes of silence for those who were missing after the flight MH 370’s incident took place. The plane as well as the people went missing. If you are sitting comfortably in your homes and reading this,  just think of those who lost their life just because of a bad day in the plane’s life. I hope you all now realised what actually is sacrifice where you paid yourself for it,  but something bad happened. Hope you all like this poem. Pls comment down your views. #RIP MH3707


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