Gift or Troubles?

Walking along the path of life, 

Claiming the strife 

With everyone he meets. 

No one knew that waling alone would lead him to which streets. 

Soon after walking and walking around the path of life,  he grew up

As he grew, a box wrapped beautifully approached him

He could not think of what to do with it. 

Just because it was blocking his way, 

He opened the box with a wonderful say

To take all troubles and clean my way. 

He didnt know what was there was completely disguised

Which in future, made him wise. 

But for his present

Life had given him ample of troubles to face

Just to entitle them with his life’s new phase. 

Tears came out of his eyes,

As the gift showed his true colours as he knew it was troubles as a disguise. 

Even in this difficult time to pass on the road where he took his footprints, 

He saw the door of opportunity waiting for him, 

Except his life, no one knew he is going to fly,  leaving footprints behind

And that’s what success wanted,  to be kind

With what all goes in life. 

So,  ever in your path 

If you have got a box,  which you know will give a healthy start 

Then open it and face all what troubles life gifts you

Maybe, like him,  you to will shine in your light 

And spread in the world like the sky would, 

But facing the troubles is what all you should.
Its a poem on the path of success and disguised troubles that come on our way. We too know that they will be difficult, but with the feeling of gratitude and positivity, we soon overcome such hurdles in life.  With this poem, I would like to demonstrate that life goes like this. Sometimes, the things for which we are most grateful for, become our hurdles in life to overcome. We to feel bad on our perception, but hurdles are also necessary for life. Hole you all like this poem, leave ur comments in the box. Thank you. 


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