Are we actually the ones? 

Are we all the free birds roaming in the sky? 

Are we actually the ones who dont care about why? 

Are we actually free? 

The ones we used to be? 

Is everything changed as the time went along?

Or it was we who used to long?

Are we all actually the same children wrapped under the skin of adulthood

Waiting for something to relive our childhood? 

Are we still the ones who didnt know how to start

Or the ones who live on the dependency of flipkart?

Are we still the kids ready to surrender

Just at the sound of our mother? 

Did we all still grow up? 

Or the stars wrapped within?

Hoping to enjoy more 

Or deadly skins turning sore? 

Have we started worrying more than ever? 

Or our worst experiences have made us say never? 

Are we actually the ones we used to be? 

Or the ones we seem to be? 

Is this what the race of life is? 

Where that changes to this

And we changes to me

In few seconds, and thats what is left to see? 

Are we actually the innocents of the country

Or the saviours wrapped within? 

Are we the gifts of nature

Or the creatures wrapped within? 

Seeking for the true ones to be with forever

Or trying to be the ones, looking at which every soulvsays to be the part of mankind never? 
This is a short poem on the evolution in nature of the people with time. In today’s world if we see there are many changes taking place in the nature of people. We the people have started becoming more self centred and mean, which has lead to the great decline in the innocence. With this poem, I would like to say that one must not be selfish, learn from the experience and enjoy every moment of life being carefree. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you 


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