Did cancer actually conquer? 

It was always a rivalry between someone’s daughter and cancer, 

Cancer was powerful enough to let her dreams surrender

And so the youth to accept it and make it a wonder. 
Cancer was so insecure that ot took away her pain

And gave nothing in gain. 

Cancer was so stubborn and so was its pain. 
The Parents were tensed for their darling to cure, 

But god planned her death to be sure. 
After months and months she strived, 

Cancer conquered her and she died. 
Though, she lost the battle,

But didnt make her family fatal. 
“Well done my girl,  you are free now”

And that’s what parents were left to say. 
Why was the only thing which was left from the god to ask

But now living without her would indeed be a great task. 
Will they be able to fulfill or remember the war? 

Or sit in the night sky, to see her daughter shining in the star?
The incident was indeed a great scar

Which made their daughter a star. 
The only hope to live in life was the girl’s attitude,

To to pay a tribute, 

All got shaved their head

And remember the courage of the dead. 
The girl seriously won the fight 

And made everyone free of plight. 

Cancer didn’t conquer her at all, 

It was she who made it fatal. 
Now in the coffin, her body rests

I hope,  she’s pretty sure that her soul still guests

In everyone’s heart

Now in her family, whenever a new life starts, 

She’s  always the one to survive actually the worst. 
I still think of her parents’ nightmares, 

May be,  to protect them,  a brave soul stares, 

And tbey get a sound sleep, 

Maybe after enormous weep. 
And that’s  why girls are now the strength of the society 

And therefore to the almighty, 

Everyone prays to the girl child

On who’s birth everyone’s life gets styled. 


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