A conversation with nature

Walking on the flower bed,

A butterfly goes

It wanders and creates a beautiful chaos.

She sits on the flowers and talks

With them in long hours.

One day.. the wind blows her away

Where dandelions were were blown away.

It was beautiful to see them flying, going high and high

Butterfly saw them and approached them to ask, how do they feel like flying

And with deep sigh,

They say..

Flying really makes our day.

But going away from our friends makes us feel sorry in anyway.

Yet we feel proud to give the wishes to god to grant

And let others do the prayer flaunt.

Hearing at this, the butterfly got astonished and fell in deep thought,

All the fight that it fought

To come out was actually her wrong view

But still, its her perspective which changed in seconds few.

And with a sigh of relief,

The butterfly changed her belief .

Its a poem on conversation between dandelions and the butterfly. The dandelions find positivity in any way which really changes the butterfly’s mindset. Now let’s think of dandelions as our problems and butterfly as ourselves. Letting go away from loved ones is a part of life but staying positive in this regret is the art of life. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.


In the diary of Hitler

I have ruled as per the people’s demand,

They themselves wanted to be ruled

Though at times, it seemed to be jammed

But, I am sure, at least it didnt make them fooled.

They only had chosen me to lead,

Yet, under me, they felt very unfreed.

I know I too have fought many battles between my desire and responsibility

And between them, I made many Aryans a liability.

I just did to get back the old germany,

I fulfilled my desires

But still why am I hated by many?

Were my strategies bad?

Or their own decision made them sad?

I too wanted my Germany back

Just tell me where do I lack?

A country always needs desirables to run

And, during the times of war

How can I leave others to have fun?

I know I have murdered many

But I too wanted back my Germany

I knew I hated the jews, and felt angry on seeing them

But just think, how can they be stem?

I am aware my strategies were harsh and difficult to bear

But just think, I have made many to overcome fear

I just fired upon all evidences to protect the future,

I too wanted that they should not bear any torture.

Yet, I find nothing as such to blame,

What was written sooner or later came

Even after my dominion to come upon,

USA came and spread everywhere the dawn.

I am sorry Germany, for doing this to you

But I too had hopes, yet very few.

My ego was hurt badly and sadly

Ihave to do all this to you Germany

At the cost of getting hatedby many.

-Adolf Hitler

Its a poem in support of Hitler.Though in today’s world, he’s regarded as one of the most cruel leaders but, just think from his point of view. Hope u all like this poem. Lave ur comments in the box.Thank u

Greed is always bad; stay humble

I am a beggar,

Roamimg on the streets for food to feed my hunger.

I am a beggar,

Roaming on the roads to fulfill my food for a shelter.

I sleep on the roads,

No one’s with me to help.

At nights, I am left alone to yelp.

I still regret why that day approached me

They beated me.. till every scar of mine shouted..

“Oh mumma help me, oh Jesus save me”

No one came to me.. I was beated..I was dying that very moment..

Which made me beggar at the present.

That day, I remember, I was running.. to earn money

And save a penny.

But little that I knew..

That this would leave me as a person with hopes few..

I want to go back.. and pledge never to greed for anything ever

And never…because of which my back tilted and on roads I am seen

I really don’t know where I have been.

I want to go back, live my life..

I promise, I will never strife..

I will always be happy and smiling

And never be demanding

Again.. for anything

I now realise what a greed can do as a trait

Yet I still keep faith to return back with my back straight.

– Beggar

This is a poem on a day when someone is running in greed and anything happens. Pls don’t be greedy and learn to stay humbls. Hope u like this poem. Pls do leave the comments in the box. Thank you.


In a span of Time,

There lived a boy who be called Lime

Lime was happy and living but

Was dependent in his carving.

He always needed someone to walk on the way with him

Even of it wasn’t very dim.

This continued for a long span of time

And later walking with him became everyone’s crime.

Then, came the day

For which everyone was was waiting.

He was having no one to hold his hands.

Then his own hands became his wand.

He pit them in the pocket and went away­čśé­čśé

And after this, he did this and no problem came in his way.

This is a poem on the bliss of soltitude and independence. The life becomes much beautiful if u have to face the battles alone with ur ideas and thoughts. Hope u all like this short poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you

The self worth

There’s a lot in self sacrifice,

There’s a lot in ourselves,

There’s a lot to give

But..it only takes an effort to think twice

Instead of living, we can be in shelves

To begin with the new believe

There’s a lot after death

You realise you could be as beautiful as Christmas wreath.

Though you may not breathe

But feel beneath.

There’s a lot after death, believe me

Just think of the book you see.

It was once a tree

Which sacrificed himself for the words you see.

It was his life after death

Maybe not a skeleton

But, just think after death, he has given something in ton

And that’s how the naturr is pleasant to feel

You realise your own zeal.

This is a poem on life after death. We all should learn from trees and experience the life in the heaven. The main idea behind this poem is that one must stay happy in all conditions and don’t feel regretful. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you

The true independence 

Wishing the teacher “good morning “, the child sat

As he opened his drawing file, he got a pat.

He drew the army protecting the country

And working hard on its glory. 

The art was so beautiful that teacher couldn’t resist giving excellent in remark.

But only he knew,  what was the spark. 
His little hands could give so much,  no one knew

Except a few

Who would later send him to the army

To protect the country’s  condition being alarmy. 

The artist turned into a hard, sturdy soldier, 

Who would love his country as a lover.

He didn’t even know what he could ever give to his land,  his mother who allowed him to fight

And prove himself right.

Just because he loved drawing and his hands could draw very well

He didnt know even in a nutshell

That mixing red and green in Indian  land 

Would give you lands full of errand. 

The red colour all over, not as a remark of love, 

But as a remark of undying grief and sorrow. 

I hope you all would have understood till now 

I am talking about rivalies taking place when every vow 

Is made to be contented with resources, 

But no one knows how used are the white roses

Not to give someone who is alive at head

But one whos dead. 

Why is it so? 

Are we really independent from the past and working for future

Or making it a big torture? 

Why is it so? 

Patriotism rises when the two countries play cricket 

And India wins after praying for it. 

We are actually not independent to strive

Because we have grudges to keep alive. 


                          The Army soldier
Its just a deep thought on an art of someone who drew the soldiers protecting their country. Later he would become an army man and realises how difficult it is to mix red and green in India and later ends up proving that India is actually not independent of its past. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you 

If we would have eyes like microscope 

If we would have eyes like microscope,

The humanity would surely get a great scope. 

I can’t  be sure,  but socally,  everyone may have a good horoscope.

If we would have eyes like microscope, 

Surely,  the discrimination would end, 

Then in that case,  the egoist would also bend. 

I think, it would be a region of equality and fraternity everywhere

And,  girls may get protected from that stupid stare. 

If we would have eyes like microscope, 

Surely,  the person would be free to explore

And in a crowd, of people of same status, surely we wouldn’t  get bore. 

If we would have eyes like microscope,

Then,  the doctors may only advise

And make everyone wise. 

Every disease could be caught at first stage

Be it at any age

We would be happy against it to rage. 

If we would have eyes like a microscope,

Then I think that the wars would actually end up being friends 

And making fraternity and sake of our world as the new trend. 

But the microscopic eyes couldn’t see how the beauty of nature sustains itself

It cannot determine one’s true self

Everyone would look same indeed 

And hence,  no one will be able to see one’s best deeds
Its just an imagination on the microscopic eyes. If everyone’s  eyes would be so powerful indeed, the world would have been much beautiful and a better place to live. There would be equality all around and there would be no such discrimination that all is faced today. Since we don’t have the microscopic eyes,  all what we can do is to feel it whenever and wherever possible. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u.