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Anshi Saxena 

Deep down the thoughts

Experience makes experience

Down in my city,

There lived a lady on whom everyone had pity.

She always used to cry.
All she loved was her children and grandchildren

For whom she was a burden,

For as, she used to guide always

And children tried to ignore in every way.
Soon as her children grew big,

Grandmother slept in the backyard.
And when the children became grandparents,

They used to do what the old lady did

This time, being ignored, they were considered stupid.
This really hurt them and this,

Made them realise how their granny felt when they were  in childhood age.


Tears rolled from their eyes

And therefore, being wise

They felt sorry, and told this to their future to protect the same.
That’s how their experience came to force,

Which served as nurse

For all future generations..

And hence made their experience.

This is a short story based on experiences. Our past experiences always make our future better. From this poem, I would like to convey the message that we should always hear what our elders say, in order to improve ourselves. Hope you like this poem, leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.

Look up at the night and wonder..

Everyday, before sleeping

Just look up at the sky…

And wonder why? 

The stars shine at night.
At that time, just forget everything

And concentrate on their being

Soon you will realize what is right!

Which will remove all your fright.
Lighting in the dark, takes effort and toil


Just work on your deeds

And sow the best seeds.

So that when you glow at dark,
Your experiences would definitely leave a spark.

Stars always trust their will to glow
They work hard and don’t go along the flow.

So trust your will

And let your fame spill.
It’s​ a poem on the stars and a deep thought on their glowing. It’s about trusting your will and working hard. If we will work hard, for sure, we will be succedded in life. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.

Hello China!

Hello China,

The beautiful place to live and grow,

You reap what you sow. 

You are a self sufficient country

Which is always leading to progress

For as, you are always leading by the conference of any news press.
Mandarin and English are spoken by you

You are now becoming tolerant of religions one or two.

Your arts are always defensive

And therefore are successive.

Labour day and New year’s are widely celebrated by you

To express the unity.

Rice and Momos are loved by all ,

They may prevent all from a downfall.
Artistic and self sufficient you all have been.

Everyone contributes in the country,

Be it adult or teen.

Its a poem about China’s Culture, which is quite fascinating and interesting to study. The country is actually ver y independent and progressive and everyone contributes in the country. Hope you all like the poem. Leave us comments in the box. Thank u

The world’s a tree

The world’s a tree,

As it sets everyone free.

Everything can go according to its wish

Be it a man, bird or a fish.

The world’s indeed a tree.

Which sets everyone free.

Though the  branches are different as the things move,

But, the roots are one.

They don’t groove.
They expect us to join hands and work together,

Like a tree does.
The world’s a tree,

Which sets everything free.

Branches may come, branches may go,

But the roots stay till the tree says no.
The world’s indeed a tree,

Which sets everything free.

Resources are provided

And their uses are invited.
The world’s indeed a tree,

Which sets everything free.

Hardwork is applied by all 

Yet some countries are counted to be very small.
The world’s indeed a tree,

Which sets everything free,

And expects us to maintain its glory,

In order to maintain our beauty.
This is a poem on establishment on global unity. With this poem, I would like to make an appeal to all the people to work unitedly for our earth, for as it is destroyed everyday. If we all join the hands, something better can be done. Also, this poem represents the principle on which the United Nations actually work. The UN also wants us to be united and work towards the establishment of peace as well as the maintainence of the Earth. Hope you like this poem. Leave your comments in the box. Thank u.

As the charcoal went under pressure

Its a story about hardwork,pressure and strife.

There used to a charcoal which went under pressure

All the time it fought,

Thinking everyday that he had been made rot.

All the time it used to work hard 

As he could play anymore in a big yard.

All he was doing was inside four walls.

To get out of them,

He had to take determination as his stem.

Soon as he became friends with 

Indelibrately, he didn’t how his was stitched.

Soon as his project got finished,

The black charcoal got transformed

Into a thing, no one ever thought,

Though everyone considers, he had fought a lot.

Last but not the least, he became a diamond.

With a lot of efforts and toil

And once he became, his feet never came back on soil.

This is a story of charcoal who was first trapped and was put under pressure. Then his efforts came into force which helped him make a diamond. So from this poem, I would like to demonstrate that in order to get a bright future, one must work hard and not feel sad if they loose, may be next time a better opportunity is waiting for them. This poem has been inspired by the Indian movie on two wrestlers Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat named Dangal. Hope you like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u

 The Cactus and The Rose

On a bright sunny day,

Rose and Cactus were sitting in a garden.

Waiting for someone to buy them.
Then, cactus began to say

“Rose, why everyone loves you the most

And can afford to buy at any cost?”

Rose replied, “because my beauty pleases people fast

And hence, they expect that I shall, with them make a long past”

This amazed the cactus and put it into deep  thought 

“How come people know that it is going to make a long past?”

Long days, with the question, it fought,

And the answer it got,

Will put you all again in deep thought. 

He got the answer that will make your minds fly.

The answer he got was,

The life is like that of rose, a beautiful lie

And death is like that of cactus, a bitter truth.”

This really shocked him.

But he was happy for being real.

All now he had to struggle was being alone. 

Which also he overcame,

And, by doing this, he gathered a lot of fame.

This is a story of cactus and rose. With this story, I would like to demonstrate that whatever we do in life, if we want to keep it alive, we must have the courage to loose it first because nothing lasts forever. One day every fame, has to disappear from the world. So stay humble. That’s the reason why life is a lie and death is truth. Hope you all like this short piece of writing. Leave ur comments in the box. Do follow my Instagram page @deep_down_the_thoughts for more. Thank u