The Mysterious tree

Late it has been for the tree now, 

The tree has become old

And prefers to give and bow. 
It’s unique tendency to stand bold 

in the cold weather 

Has made it everyone to bother. 

I always wonder.. 

Whether it’s nature’s ponder

Or it’s own shower?
With a few leaves which go along with the flow it stays, 

And follow my experience it always says. 
I still wonder.. 

Whether it’s a tree or a monument of nature?

Which is ready to be the point of any creature?
Throughout the year, trees surround it

It may consider it’s help a little bit. 

But in actual, it may be helping them out to stay bold and fit. 
I still wonder.. 

Why the tree didn’t chose to stand high and seek the rain, as other trees would. 

Maybe it thought to do something different from others.

And that’s  what the  tree has made the difference.

It’s a short poem on a tree which I saw in a tropical rainforest. The uniqueness of the tree to bend like a question mark has made me write this poem. Hope you all like this poem. Leave your comments in the box. Thank you. 

The sailor who turned to a fairy. 

It’s a story of a sea

Where the sailor,ship and the sea United and claimed themselves  as we. 

As the sailor started the voyage

He had to say goodbye to his cottage. 

As long as when the ship sailed

A long distance it scaled. 

The night was about to come

With complexities some. 

The night didn’t come alone,  rather with near any farm, 

The night approached with the storm which could cause harm. 

The sailor pleaded god to save him

From the darkness and harm,  that was making him dim. 

The ship was about to be in the arms of the storm

But the sailor  tried his best not to cause any harm. 

The sailor now realised its going to be the last journey of his life. 

He was now worrying  as he wanted to create his own past and destiny. 

The best in three again United and threw the storm out

Then,  with the great victory  shout, 

The three continued their way. 

The sailor was in his own way to discover, 

He didn’t even know whether he would be safe or over.

Then, travelling through the days and nights, fighting with the storm to save all plights

He discovered a city right

Where all the tribal were  standing and praying god for food. 

The sailor  went there and did what others were doing

No one knew that it has been a week that he was fasting. 

As he got the food to eat

He thanked  god for such a feast. 

He then went away with his friends who were  dependent on the sea. 

Now,  struggling  hard for the fantasy 

To discover

His journey got over as he discovered the fairyland. 

And no sooner or later, he died. 

And therefore to pay a tribute, he was there then  employed as a fairy

The two friends felt  lonely 

One dried up and turned deadly

While other disguised as fairycar. 

In order to remove his friend’s death scar. 
It’s a short story of a sailor who became friends with the sea and the ship. Just, he was inspired by the discoverers, he too went to discover the places. Eventually he found a fairyland,  where he kicked the by bucket as a tribute to which,  he was turned into a fairy.  Similar things happen in our life. When we discover  or try to do something new, we generally end up doing something or Being someone great. Hope u like this piece of fiction  writing. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you. 

धनयवादी हो तुम

जब किसी की सहायता करते हो…

और तुम्हें  अच्छा लगता है,

तो धनयवादी हो तुम |
किसी की खुशी  देखते ही 

खिलखिलाजाते हो

तो धनयवादी हो तुम |
अपने से पहले 

दूसरों के बारे में सोचते हो

तो धनयवादी हो तुम |
मुश्किल  देखकर  

उसका स्वागत करते हो

तो धनयवादी हो तुम |

और ईसको पढकर

खुश रहे हो

तो धनयवादी हो तुम |

It’s a short Hindi poem written on gratitude – the best attitude. With this poem,  I would like to demonstrate  that even your simplest achivevments have gratitude  hidden in them.  We ourselves  have to  find it through the essesnce of positivity. Hope you all like this poem,  leave ur comments  in the box. Thank u. 

What we perceive is not always real

Here is a story of seed, 

Who had very good deed. 

He was budding inside the fruit of plant.

And worked hard to get what  he want. 
One day,  his wish came true, 

He realised his hardwork’s value. 

Soon he experienced  the air 

First time,  his hardwork was felt to be dealt completely  fair. 
His golden time lasted only till

His destiny cared for his will. 
Then he got the man, 

Who bought it to feed himself, as the time ran. 

Soon he was thrown on a land full of soil. 
Tears came out, as no result  came out of his toil.

This is what that was making his time worst to spoil. 
Then, there came a  turning point in his worst time, 

Which made his journey worthwhile. 
Then, after the best replenishment, water and air, 

Soon this seed grew into best it’s best deeds again. 

It became a tree,  a home to many  

With which he would earn hope as his penny. 

And afterall,  the seed realised that

Whatever we see is not always that

We get.

It may not be that what our life has planned to see

May be, 

Something  beautiful is waiting for our presence to feel

Our undiscovered  zeal. 

It’s a poem on a seed which was thrown on a land full of soil.  The seed then grew well and changed his perception about anything that makes us feel unprogressing or sad  in life.  Similarly  in our life, if we all change our perspective  about low points in life and keep hope to succeed  in life. That’s what the rule of life is. Hope you all like this poem.  Leave ur comments in the box. Thank you. 

Thinking the positive

Even when the perennial rivers go off,

They know they are going to give  new journey a start off.

Even when, the sun sets, 

It leaves a hope…

And a scope 

For all the contentment to return

And make hardwork your enturn.
Even when, the water falls,

It sets the beauty stalls.

And the peace it calls,

Can never be false.
Even when, the world moves round the sun

Everyone is able to cope up with life and run.
Even when we finish our day at the end,

Its our hope that is tomorrow’s blend.

So, why not in life?

If in live we loose,

We must hope the best

And forget the rest.

Everyday is nothing,

But your own self’s test.
So, think positive and have faith in yourself

And let everyone be a reflection of thyself.
Its a short poem on positive thinking, based on the examples of nature. This poem is a summed up collection of my other two poems strange nature and look up at the night and wonder. With this poem, I would like to say that the more positivity in the mind, the better the person be. Hope u all like this poem. Leave ur comments in the box. Thank u.

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Anshi Saxena 

Deep down the thoughts

Experience makes experience

Down in my city,

There lived a lady on whom everyone had pity.

She always used to cry.
All she loved was her children and grandchildren

For whom she was a burden,

For as, she used to guide always

And children tried to ignore in every way.
Soon as her children grew big,

Grandmother slept in the backyard.
And when the children became grandparents,

They used to do what the old lady did

This time, being ignored, they were considered stupid.
This really hurt them and this,

Made them realise how their granny felt when they were  in childhood age.


Tears rolled from their eyes

And therefore, being wise

They felt sorry, and told this to their future to protect the same.
That’s how their experience came to force,

Which served as nurse

For all future generations..

And hence made their experience.

This is a short story based on experiences. Our past experiences always make our future better. From this poem, I would like to convey the message that we should always hear what our elders say, in order to improve ourselves. Hope you like this poem, leave ur comments in the box. Thank you.